Juvederm Ultra vs. Juvederm Plus

Juvederm has a family of injectable fillers to choose from. All products provide a smooth and lasting correction of severe or moderate wrinkles. Two common options are Ultra and Ultra Plus. The Ultra line was created to give physicians more flexibility in treatment. Ultra and Ultra Plus both use lidocaine to allow for greater versatility. The processes of contouring and adding volume can be manipulated much more easily with these variations. Furthermore, lidocaine is a local anesthetic, which will numb the work area and leads to quicker office visits. Both are injected into the dermis and will yield predictable results.

The major difference between the two is the level of cross-linking, which gives stability and viscosity to the formulas. Ultra Plus has more cross-links so it is more stable and thicker. It is injected deeper into the skin and causes slightly heavier bruising than its counterpart. The treatment lasts about one year. For deep wrinkles, this is used more frequently. It is also better for significant or dramatic lip enhancement, naso-labial folds and improving areas with high volume loss. Juvederm Ultra has greater flexibility and is best for superficial folds. Additionally, it works well with scar correction because of the thinner consistency. Individuals who want only slight lip enhancements will usually be referred to the Ultra variation of the formula. Typically, the effects will last for around nine months.